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Compound word: malicious + intentions
i've never seen that girl do any thing nice for anyone without ulterior motives and malintent.

sorry i blew the lid off the surprise party. honestly, i had no malintent.
#malicious #intentions #sepularchy #deciet #cruel
by RM Augustine April 26, 2007
A newly conceived state of the art machine consisting of an array of sensors and scanners that'll invade your privacy like never before, all in the name of spotting would-be terrorists, courtesy of your friends in the government. Make sure you're wearing clean underwear, assuming you don't soil them from exposure to the machine.
MALINTENT is named so because the jerk-offs that the government are have every intent on pretending the 14th Amendment doesn't exist. They claim the emotional sensors can distinguish terrorist from someone about to throw a massive bitch fit, but chances are, you will be questioned and miss your flight.
#malicious #intent #government #federal #bullshit #airport #security big brother
by Captain Assmunch October 28, 2008
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