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a boy who loves penguins
Person 1: Did you see henry? His aim background and cellphone wallpaper is of penguins.
Person 2: yeah hes a penguin boy.
by Woopsey October 19, 2011
When one is not wearing a shirt, thus being naked on the top.
Girl 1: Woah look at all these shirt naked guys!
Girl 2: yeah, hubba hubba
by Woopsey January 27, 2013
A movie filled with long boring scenes/pointless explosions that is watched solely for the purpose of making out with the other person.
Person 1: Yo, let's watch Transformers and Mission Impossible!!
Person 2: Damn girl, those are such makeout movies. Too bad I don't have a boy to slobber with.
by woopsey July 02, 2013
'shut the fuck up', but intensely bold and cutely concise.
Person 1: 0migawd pls do NAWT tell him dat ; r0fl lmfAO lolzsss xPPP

by woopsey July 03, 2013

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