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A person (usu. of the male gender) with bizarre homosexual tendencies.
You're such a malakian! You just licked that guy's head!
by eSouth March 19, 2005
he plays guitar, and stop with this
"he's so hot" bullshit, fuck the radio has ruined a beautiful artistic band and now retarded girls are drooling over internet pics or daron while headbanging to aerials
daron is an energetic, intense musician devoted to his band and i respect him greatly
by noname August 16, 2004
The only one who know what to do with a guitar of the other people who think they know what to do with a guitar
Never say "i know play guitar" when Daron Malakian is walking on the earth.
by sweetguy April 16, 2006
the greatest sexiest guitar playing god with the sexiest voice/smile/eyes/body/ass/ect. to ever walk this wretched earth.
*sigh* daron...
by pyro pixie November 12, 2003