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Gods that sound nothing like HIM. only comparisons are the singers both wear eyeliner, come from finland and are very sexy :P
minky minky minky minky
by HIMinion August 02, 2004
The ultimate religion.
Where do I sign up??
by HIMinion May 10, 2005
A great band that are, for some reason, not very well known. (But then again, I go to a chav-infested school.) You can't really tell what the singer in singing but it's great lyrics, trust me. :P
Me: The Lip Gloss & Black video is hot.
by HIMinion April 19, 2005
A band that have finally split up.
TV: ...Busted have split...
Me: w0000000000t! *has party*
by HIMinion February 25, 2005
a funny word. try shouting it in the street and see how many ppl laugh
gooooooooooooooooolies! goolies! goolies!
by HIMinion January 01, 2005
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