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A dating site riddled with bugs that pretends not to be a dating site where apathetic pseudo-hipsters coexist with fake profiles and bi emo tweens.
I built my own website in the time it took to load a makeoutclub page.
by -Ace December 05, 2008
a website where scene kids post webcam shots of themselves to prove who's more "scene", "emo" and or "hip" than the other. this is a mecca for lonely scene kids and hipsters to find others to befriend, date or hook up with. see also lipstickparty
I saw that guy's profile on makeoutclub, he thinks he's scene.
by withmyconverseon January 18, 2004
A website where desperate, shy emo boys can find large numbers of insecure loose scenester punk and emo girls to easily hook up with.

abbreviated "moc"

see also netwhore
I IMed 20 girls off of makeoutclub and hung out with 10 of them.
by BAMF.com April 08, 2003