making love- two lovers expressing their compassion for each other through physical means... aka sex
My girlfriend and I dont fuck, we make love.

Every Friday I make love to my wife of 20 years.
#sex #porn #love #lovers #slut
by Hot Lips 17 May 26, 2009
When you are too old fashioned and cant say the word "fucked"
Guy 1: Hey so guess what me and my girlfriend did last night!
Guy 2: Did you two finally FUCK?!
Guy 1: No! The proper use of the term is make love.
by Billy Beers December 02, 2015
What the femine gender refers to as "Fucking".
Jane: "Sweetie? Do you wanna make love?
John: "OK, after we're done fucking".
#having sex #bumpin' fuzz #secret handshake #screwing #porkin'
by Kernel Buttnugget January 09, 2010
what women do whilst guys fuck them.
girl: i love you so much, let's make love
guy: ....word
#sex #fuck #make love #hump #screw
by sape November 10, 2006
What men call fucking to get women to fuck.
by Anonymous August 02, 2003
when i naked man and a naked woman go together and have sex... usually ends up with a baby in 9 months! (rembember it only happens when they are in love)
jo and beth made love on the cruse and had a baby boy 9 months later
by lola March 17, 2005
Another phrase for basic sex used to reinforce girl's faulty belief that it is more than just a need
Girl - "We just made love ..."
Guy - "We just did it!"
by azim December 30, 2004
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