Top Definition
a person who everybody loves
man i wish i was makana
by jonie bolio July 26, 2003
a person everyone wants to be.other words popular,"UNTOUCHABLE"
untouchable a.k.a MAKANA
by sexy_biotch96790 November 12, 2007
a very cool guy
if only i was makana
by jonie bolio July 26, 2003
A man who likes women. Finnnnneee women.
dude, that guy is such a makana
by jackkkyheheh April 03, 2010
Hot, passionate Birthday Sex that lasts longer than 4-24 hours, depending on the sexual strength of your partner.
Happy Birthday! What do you want to do to celebrate?

Well I wanted to go to my favorite restaurant and then back to my place for some Makana.

DAMN, Bronson can Makana ALL night, you'd think it was his birthday every day!
by Ride My Pony September 10, 2010
a person who likes 2 watch fat people eat big macs...
big macs r good!!!!!
by titchawatembo July 26, 2003
doRk!! meaNIE!! rawr!!
i am a DORk but can be mEan so rawr!!
by sExEh biOTcH July 28, 2003
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