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high class, stuffy. snobbery
That performance art piece was too booshy for me.
That girl is mad booshy, she hangs with those socialites.
by shitcametalking October 19, 2010
The word used to describe a scenario which is remeniscant of or has qualitys that would be expected from an episode of "The Mighty Boosh"
"i was busy spanning the genres
they call me the genre spanner

"Duude that party was mad. It was soo random!"
"Haha, mate, It was well Booshy!"
by oldddd gregggg June 03, 2009
Cold and windy. (Colloquial, from West Virginia.)
Brr, it's booshy up on the mountain today. Best stay indoors by the fire.
by Romney Keyser November 15, 2010
a synonym for the word bullshit. Anytime you would say bullshit just throw in a booshy. The sound is similar and the meaning is the same.

It's great for when you want to call bullshit and little kids are around.

Furthermore, it's a great word to teach your kids so they don't get in trouble at school. They won't get sent to the office sayin booshy.
Cheesesteaks in California....that's booshy.

That was the most booshy excuse I've ever heard!

The lunch meat at the market is pre-sliced... it's booshy.
by Jersey Vino December 09, 2009

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