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hott hott hott!! a girl whose pretty, popular and all the boys want her!!!
whoaa that girls a makaila
by mhmmmmmm :] January 21, 2009
180 86
Makaila is a THICK ass mullato girl. She has big boobs, a round ass, and curves in all the right places. She's so fun to be around because she's like one of the guys, but at they same time you stare at her ass.
"I met this girl last night. She was thick"
"She was a total makaila"
by Aero98745 January 03, 2014
7 5
Someone who is stuck-up and thinks they are all that.
Someone who will pe pregnant at a young age.
A tramp.
Umm, she might be popular, but i think she is a makaila.
by Joey101 January 23, 2008
58 186