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The male version of Vajazzling. When you wrap your balls in tinfoil.
Feeling low, Jim decided the best thing to do was get a pair of majesticles, then he could feel special in the club.
by anon April 28, 2010
Majesticles are defined as a trait of a man who thinks he's king shit. If you walk around with an undeserved sense of accomplishment, you are defined as thinking you have majesticles; golden balls.
"Mario walks around like he's god or something!"
"Yeah, i think he thinks he has majesticles or something!"
by Westly Cole May 20, 2008
Testicles that are majestic; an admiarable sack
Whan i saw his majesticles i was like "Damn!"
by Brittny Lucero May 20, 2008
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