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Females are majestical.
by sjkdf kljfsdoi js August 11, 2012
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dude shes majestical right now.
by sweetjesusdeargod December 20, 2013
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The most majestic thing in existence.
That rhino is so majestical
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by Empress Leia January 18, 2017
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Majestical- Something majestical is something extremely Majestic and beautiful to you. (it doesn't have to beautiful to anyone else.)

Majestical can only be used in an opinion statement, not in a factual statement THAT IS KEY!!! Majestical Is a word that well came out wrong. One day I was trying to say majestic, but i stuttered instead saying majestical. Ever since then I have used majestical instead of majestic. (YOU SHOULD TOO)
EX: Narwhals are the most majestical animals on Earth.
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