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Used to describe how majestic something is when the speaker's goal is to sound high class.
The majesticity of the mountains was to much for the hiker to handle.
#majestic #awesome #amazing #ridiculous #incredible
by PrimetimeCJR August 30, 2013
A pronoun used to describe the greatness of ones beard; pertaining to ones B.M.U. or "Beard Majesticity Unit". B.M.U.'s are the proper rating scale for the majesticity of ones beard. Ranging from 1-20. 20 topping the Majesticity scale. Attributes of B.M.U.'s include but are not limited to, opaqueness or fullness of ones beard, lusciousness, softness, artistry, color, depth, and most importantly, "Majesticity".
Upon examination of Jesus Christ's beard, one would not hesitate to rate it as a Solid 20.. it is full, full enough to hold up the sins of man, a beautiful amber color, luscious like caramel. He has chosen a risque post modern classic style which suits him quite well and the majesticity is unmatched. It is regale, profound, unrivaled It is as the Doubtful Sound.
#profoundness #magicalness #amazingness #regality #fantasticness
by Trunner86 November 10, 2014
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