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beautiful...irish...cherokee...orgasmicsmart, atheletic, afraid of goats, irish-cherokee+other stuff, small, makes fun of people, afraid of being pointed at from about an inch away
sexy mofo....john wants to do her...so does shay
you can use me as an adjective if you like:
omg you pulled a mairin!
like wow thats totally mairin!
by neonailpolish...thats my aim sn! January 30, 2005
55 20
a beatuiful girl, irish, little firey one, awesome person
mairin is the best person in the world.
by lolz 4 life!! March 07, 2009
30 11
A wonderful person, who, despite a small lack of self esteem, will one day become rich and famous.


Mairin: Now I am rich and famous...

Me: Don't say I didn't tell you so...

by RandomPeep#1873 February 27, 2012
10 5
Mairin is the 'normal' name for Betulinic acid. This acid has anticancer properties. It inhibits melanoma and is found in the bark of the Ber tree.

Girls named Mairin are normally pale Irish girls as the name is Irish which fits with the acids inhibition of melanoma
you can name your child Betulinic and expect everyone to awe over how awesome your babies name is
another option
just name it Mairin and have Betulinic be its nickname
by girl named after acid July 14, 2010
7 5