Prison slang for the general not locked up population. Also line.
I've got three brothers in the can and three on the main line.

by sevenhn February 24, 2006
You just hate main liners because they happen to be rich. I live in a nice house have a nice car, but so what? I don't wear abercrombie, J Crew or polo shirts. I'm a jew and I do occasionally go to starbucks occasionally. I also go to WaWa and I'm lucky that my family is well off. My stepdad has a STI, and I like to ride in but u don't have to be jealous. I go to Lower Merion high school which is a public school! And guess what I'm DEMOCRAT! I know people that are JAPs, but there are plenty of normal people. You guys don't have to be jealous cuz I'm rich. Go earn some money and stop bitchin!
That rich person lives in the main line.
by You just hate me cuz im rich January 09, 2006
process of injecting a drug directly into one's bloodstream.
if you main line that speedball, youll get sick as shit.. and then feel absolutely nothing.
by simon September 02, 2003
most of you obviously don't live on the main line because almost none of the people here are jewish. the majority of the main line is catholics. the main line is a suburb located out of philadelphia, and yes, most people are very rich. only about 60 or 70 percent, though. while the main line is mostly preppy people who are very rich, it is also very diverse. not everyone drives a jaguar. i don't care what everyone's stereotypes about it is, but i know for a fact it's got a whole different group of people. i have lived here since i was born. yeah, we have the second biggest mall in america, and yeah, there are a lot of starbucks, and yeah, about half of the residents are total preps, but a lot of them are really down-to-earth and/or middle class. i don't know what your big 'idea' about this place is, but it's not what you think it is. we don't all drive our big, fancy cars. not all of us shop at designer stores. unless you've actually been here and lived here for all your live, your conception about the main line and everybody living here is very, very wrong.
yeah, i live on the main line, but i'm not rich.
by kristenhope February 06, 2008
The main line is def. the best place in the world. it is soooo much fun and everybody here is rich. our parents get us watever we want and my house is on 6 acres and every ones house is a comeplete mansion. about 80% of the houses here are 7000sf++ and the stupid outcast houses really are dumb and should be replaced right away. we have the 3rd biggest mall in the world or sumethin and it is so expensive. something that stupid city dumbshits caouldnt afford. the houses are all over like 1 million dollars and there are awesome restaurants. the country clubs are awesome. everything about this place is beast. nobody id rich eneough to live here exept for the cooler people like us.i have 3 houses at the shore and 2 apartments in nyc which we rent out when we are not there.
by remiszewski August 20, 2008
The main line is for rich kids and they are all jappy. THey can't go anywhere alone because they dont want to look emo and look like they don't have any friends. THey all carry there cellaphones around and are always texting or calling people and telling them gossip. Most of them belong to the merion cricket clb or the philadelohia cricket club. They all where polos and tees and tank and designer hand bag and desiner clothes. They all want there opion from there friedn to see if they look good. ANd they all go to private schools which is shipley baldwyne haverford ... they drive around in there merceds and BMW's and mustangs and lexus's. THey think everytone is looking at them and evryone likes them. They flirt with everyone. THe main liners are very rich and high mantenece but what can they say they are spoiled and dame proud of it!!
I wrote that because i think all of it is true because I happened to be a main liner and am very spoiled. I drive in my mercedes and my 2 lexus's. i blst my music so all of the attention is on me. i don't by any thing not designer because that would be wrong. I where abercrombie and fitch and hollister and american eagle and juicy coutore. I have vera bradley suit case and handbags and vercace sunglasses and chanel makeu. Well what more canI say I am vey high mantenence
by mdc June 13, 2006
False conception that the Main Line is full of jews. Maybe there are a bunch of jews in Ardmore and Wynnewood, but the majority of the Main Line has and always will be WASP. White- Ango Saxon PROTESTANTS (i.e. Episcopalians). It's so obvious that people arn't really from here when they call everyone a jew considering the majority arn't. So what if everyone has a luxury car of some sort, my family has had Jaguars for years and will continue to do so, but that doesn't mean I'm a jew. Jews live out in Downington and West Chester (areas where people who can't afford to live on the Main Line live). The majority of the Main Line is also REPUBLICAN, not Democrat. The flashy annoying Democrats are out of towners who moved into the Philly area because of business and now act like they are from old money. People who hate on the Main Line and soooo jealous and it is VERY obvious by reading through some of these posts. Oh yea, and BTW- Gladwyne, the richest town on the Main Line, now ranks #3 in the nation, placing it above Beverly Hills, Greenich CT, and other various prestigious places.
I wear polo's, blast rap from my mom's SUV or my dad's Jag, go to a wealthy school, and come from a family that has lived on the Main Line for generations. Sucks for everyone who doesn't live here LOL have a nice day- losers.
by Mainline4L April 29, 2005

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