Technichally the Main Line is a raliroad that runs from Philadelphia to the suburbs surrounding it including Bryn Mawr, Gladwyne, and Haverford.

The Main Line has always been full of WASPs and old money who belong to Merion Cricket and send their kids to expensive private schools. Recently the area has become infested with Juicy wearing, gum chewing, hair flipping J.A.P.s.

On each corner is a Starbucks filled with obnoxious people buying their 5 dollar coffee. On every road is a mercedes with an old blonde women tlaking on her cell and sparkling her large diamond rings in the sun.

The houses are massive and are cleaned buy cleaningladies adn the few "butlers". Each garage is filled with luxury cars.

The Main Line is a fun place to be if you fit in and have money. If you have you'll fit in. There is not much to it. If you overthink it you'll never get it.

The Main Line is the best place on earth. If you are

c)a WASP
d)are rich
e)enjoy golfing, playing tennis, and dining at fancy resteraunt and exclusive country clubs.
f)enjoy spending time laughing at obnoxious people who think that everyone is looking at them
I live on the Main Line and love it because i am rich, jappy, enjoy laughing at obnoxious people, and like playing tennis and eating lunch at my country club.
by JAP May 28, 2004
False conception that the Main Line is full of jews. Maybe there are a bunch of jews in Ardmore and Wynnewood, but the majority of the Main Line has and always will be WASP. White- Ango Saxon PROTESTANTS (i.e. Episcopalians). It's so obvious that people arn't really from here when they call everyone a jew considering the majority arn't. So what if everyone has a luxury car of some sort, my family has had Jaguars for years and will continue to do so, but that doesn't mean I'm a jew. Jews live out in Downington and West Chester (areas where people who can't afford to live on the Main Line live). The majority of the Main Line is also REPUBLICAN, not Democrat. The flashy annoying Democrats are out of towners who moved into the Philly area because of business and now act like they are from old money. People who hate on the Main Line and soooo jealous and it is VERY obvious by reading through some of these posts. Oh yea, and BTW- Gladwyne, the richest town on the Main Line, now ranks #3 in the nation, placing it above Beverly Hills, Greenich CT, and other various prestigious places.
I wear polo's, blast rap from my mom's SUV or my dad's Jag, go to a wealthy school, and come from a family that has lived on the Main Line for generations. Sucks for everyone who doesn't live here LOL have a nice day- losers.
by Mainline4L April 29, 2005
worst. place. in. the. world.

unless you're rich and don't give a shit about anybody but your socialite friends, even though you talk about them behind their backs anyway.
i have been forced to live on the Main Line by my parents, which is why i'll probably end up in therapy someday.
by MAMANESE April 02, 2005
(n) The front-running leader(s) of an industry; not the imitation spin-offs. Reserved for the select few whom others try to imitate albeit never successfully. If you are not mainline you are hopeless and should probably just quit what you do, now.

(adj) Describing an action that would only be done by someone/something that is mainline.
Guy 1: Why does that guy drive such a shitty old car if he's a lawyer?

Guy 2: He must not be mainline. If he were, he would drive a BMW 5 Series.

Guy 1: Lebron James is overrated.

Guy 2: Seriously?! He is the most mainline basketball player of this generation.
by Reacharoundartist May 21, 2010
The Main Line is just section of rich people who think that they are better then other people. It is also a place were you can see some of the most impationt people in the world for driving, buying, and even talking! If you are a "Main Liner" then you are most likely wealthy and live in a massive house with 5 bathrooms or you live in an apartment with the delux put in it. A person who lives in the Main Line also may think that he/she is a real cool kid and likes to wear the following:
1. a polo (aka collared shirt)
2. a college hat
3. baggy sweat pants
4. a 150 doller shoes you got customised
5. a gucci wallet

A Main Liner also likes to listen to either rap (typiclly the best known rapper) or the newest alternative rock band that is played on MTV.
You can consider a Main Liner a prep or either a goth.
by givemetheball81 February 21, 2005
Your significant other; a spouse; your principal partner of many.
"I won't be kickin' it with y'all tonight, I'm takin' Main Line to the Red Lobster."
by myrine August 15, 2005
To watch a large amount of a geeky television show, episode after episode, for a long period of time. A season of Buffy in two days, for example.

Similar to marathoning movies or chain smoking, but more geeky.
"I just mainlined the first 3 seasons of Angel"

"I'm going to go home and mainline the LOTR movies."

"Wheres Ferg at?"
"Oh, hes at home, sitting in the dark, mainlining Simpsons episodes"
by Anna Heavens January 27, 2009
The main line is a collection of suburbs containing of douche bags that THINK (and only think) that they are better than the rest of the world, and they like to flaunt it all the time. They pop their collars, don their Gucci, and D&G, shop at Banana and J. Crew full price, and love to repeatedly use the word BEST in their sentences. (aka "ACME bakery makes the BEST cookies in the world" or "WaWa is the BEST place to go get a hoagie at midnight" or "Going to Ocean City is the BEST time ever") It's just so sad that main liners heads are so far up their asses that they all can't even see straight. There is more to life than looking good and flaunting where you're not the only douche bags who live in wealthy suburbs, ya know?

Most inhabitants are "old money" (aka Grandpas who made their fortune and moved to PA). All the others, like people that live in Paoli, Wayne, or Berwyn, etc. are all either living off of there old relatives' fortunes or pretending to be what they're not. Some live in big houses and that's all they can afford; others choose more modest living quarters so they can survive financially. Either way, they ALL can say that they live on the "main line," and that's really all that matters to them, in their egotistical, superficial minds.
Main liners use the words "main line" as an adjective! (aka "Suzy is sooo main line.") Amazing isn't it?

Statistically, I grew up in the wealthiest zip code in the country, 60010. However, I don't brag or flaunt that because if I did, well, let's face it I'd be a douche bag. And I'm not a douche bag. Main liners....are douche bags. so sad.
by WaWa lover anon. May 31, 2006

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