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Technichally the Main Line is a raliroad that runs from Philadelphia to the suburbs surrounding it including Bryn Mawr, Gladwyne, and Haverford.

The Main Line has always been full of WASPs and old money who belong to Merion Cricket and send their kids to expensive private schools. Recently the area has become infested with Juicy wearing, gum chewing, hair flipping J.A.P.s.

On each corner is a Starbucks filled with obnoxious people buying their 5 dollar coffee. On every road is a mercedes with an old blonde women tlaking on her cell and sparkling her large diamond rings in the sun.

The houses are massive and are cleaned buy cleaningladies adn the few "butlers". Each garage is filled with luxury cars.

The Main Line is a fun place to be if you fit in and have money. If you have you'll fit in. There is not much to it. If you overthink it you'll never get it.

The Main Line is the best place on earth. If you are

c)a WASP
d)are rich
e)enjoy golfing, playing tennis, and dining at fancy resteraunt and exclusive country clubs.
f)enjoy spending time laughing at obnoxious people who think that everyone is looking at them
I live on the Main Line and love it because i am rich, jappy, enjoy laughing at obnoxious people, and like playing tennis and eating lunch at my country club.
by JAP May 28, 2004
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I live on the Main Line.

I'm not Jewish, I was raised a Christian with strong family values and high morals.


My house has 2 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms, on 1.5 acres - certainly not a "sprawling estate."

We do not own a shore home or vacation home, nor do we own a boat or any other sort of recreational vehicle.

We do not own a BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes, or any other high-class automobile; in fact, all of our cars are American.

I didnt get a car for my 16th birthday - I saved up money and bought one for myself once I turned 18.

I do not wear multiple, layered polo shirts and I certainly don't pop the collar of the one I do wear.

Wawa is the greatest convinience store franchise on planet Earth.

Yes, I have an iPod (which I got for free with a little HARD WORK and DILIGENCE from freeipods.com) because I enjoy listening to a lot of @#$@# music.. is there a problem with that?

I've volunteered at the Salvation Army on Thanksgiving, so I guess I do care about more than myself.

I was educated by one of the best public school systems in the country.

Judging by most of the spelling errors I've seen so far on this site, most of you Main Line haters would have difficulty recognizing the correlation between hard work, a quality education, and the privelege of enjoying the finer things in life such as driving a German automobile and living in such a beautiful and well-respected areas such as the Main Line.
While the Main Line may have its snobs who have had their good fortune handed down to them, it is one of the best examples of what a little more time spent working hard rather than hitting the pipe can do for you.
by Happy to Be Here May 17, 2005
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So I guess I would fit the perfect Main Line stereotype:
*Never been on a commercial airplane
*Never had to clean my room
*Goes to a local private school
*Dates a guy at another private school
*Is afraid of public schools (we've heard people bring guns and sell drugs there)
*Vacations to Nantucket,MA; Palm Beach, FL; Avalon, NJ; Barbados, Carribean.
*Owns 3 houses
*Belongs to Marion Cricket
*Is a legacy of an Ivy League College
*Is a prep
*Owns designer cloths

But, I have met so many more people who do NOT have the above. Unlike what other people have said, we are not self-centered bitches. We are people who actually donate millions of dollars a year to foundations and we do a lot of volunteer work. We want to HELP our community, not OWN our community. The Main Line is just where we live because there are people who are also Upper Class here. We only go to Private Schools to maximize our education, not because we are overly privileged. Despite what people say, I do not know ANYONE who lives a "perfect" life. I do not know ANYONE who is happy with their life. We do not get everything we want and we are not selfish or self-centered. WE CARE!
Baldwin Girl: Hey, whats up?
Agnes Irwin Girl: Nothing much, I just got back from volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House. I just cashed in the Read for Ronald Check, it was over $10,000: A new school record. How about you?
Baldwin Girl: No way! I'm going there next week to give them a check our school raised. I was cleaning up trash from the roadsides.

Note: Both Baldwin & AIS are schools on the Main Line
by AgnesIrwinchick<3 March 30, 2008
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i live in the main line area, and ever since i was born. i used to like it until the cliques and annoying bitches surrounded me. i used to be a loser, but then i became popular and saw the ugly side. people make fun of you, talk shit about you, and ruin you. if you dont date a pop, you are mind fucked. basically, all of your "friends" talk shiiiiiittt about you iff your popular. if you were a loser like me, everything was great and you should stay with that title, but being popular on the main line sucks ass. i hate people and i hate my friends, geeks rule, pops suck.
i am popular and i live on the main line, brb gonna shoot myself!
by mainline=mindfuck December 18, 2012
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Ok, so everyone wants to talk shit about Main Line.... let them! Yeah I have the latest ipod, Yeah I have like 500 pairs of shocks from Nikeid.com, Yeah I post only shop on the second floor in neimans, yeah I have my hair done at Jay Micheals, Yeah I have the latest designer bag..... but you know what? I'm also the nicest person on earth! All those people who are envious go ahead.... we'll be waiting and ready to throw dior saddle bags at your head!
Those main liners are the shit.
by OMG2250 May 02, 2005
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okay, so contrary to popular belief, the mainline is NOT a place for rich douches to hang...there are some, and there used to be way more, but now most people are the people who came to work for the richies. there are like a couple ghettos, not a lot, but if you go anywhere into tredyffrin-easttown (valley forge, devon, berwyn, and paoli) then ur bound to get asked at least thirty+ times to buy drugs. good place to live, but is going somewhat downhill due to economy...everyone knows each other...
im one of them who's parents work for the richies of the main line.
by erin...hey... March 19, 2010
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A place outside of philly full of rich people where the only thing to do is buy stuff or do drugs.
"yo where are we?" "Were in the main line!!!" "Whats there to do here?" "Oh I don't know lets go to the mall or buy weed!?!?!?!?"
by bubrusillo August 02, 2007
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most of you obviously don't live on the main line because almost none of the people here are jewish. the majority of the main line is catholics. the main line is a suburb located out of philadelphia, and yes, most people are very rich. only about 60 or 70 percent, though. while the main line is mostly preppy people who are very rich, it is also very diverse. not everyone drives a jaguar. i don't care what everyone's stereotypes about it is, but i know for a fact it's got a whole different group of people. i have lived here since i was born. yeah, we have the second biggest mall in america, and yeah, there are a lot of starbucks, and yeah, about half of the residents are total preps, but a lot of them are really down-to-earth and/or middle class. i don't know what your big 'idea' about this place is, but it's not what you think it is. we don't all drive our big, fancy cars. not all of us shop at designer stores. unless you've actually been here and lived here for all your live, your conception about the main line and everybody living here is very, very wrong.
yeah, i live on the main line, but i'm not rich.
by kristenhope February 06, 2008
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