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the cutest most adorable boy. you just want to hug him and not let him go.
hes such a mahmood
by marioom October 23, 2011
The Prophet Muhammad (PBAH) will be called this in the Day of Judgement.
Muhammad is to this life time, as Mahmood is to the here after.
by Mahmood March 17, 2004
A Teenager whom nobody seems to really know. He keeps to himself and is seen by everyone else as a weird strange random dude. He is referred to as a "Playa" and gets all the bitches. Well that's what some people say. Him? I say he is a Beast, a MiddleEastBeast.
"Hey! I was just walking by and i saw this Mahmood! He was bassin brah!"
by MiddleEastBeasties January 21, 2012
When someone is in a sassy, saucy, bold mood and is constantly throwing shade at people.
That girl is in such a mahmood today.
by Mahmood2014 September 10, 2014
A slang name given to a large turd from a human person.
I just took one huge mahmood.
by Ahmed1234 April 22, 2011
The friend/inside man of all known and unknown terroristcells (organisations)who hate Australia and its people.
That bloody mahmood has done it again!!!
by Jake of Padstow February 13, 2005

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