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a very motivated, yet retarded and annoying pvper on the draenor server of World of Warcraft.
"Who is that fag spamming AV premades in trade chat?"
"Oh, that's just Magicevan."
by fets. September 18, 2008
An obsessive PvP activist, this 14 year old will stop at nothing to rant about the glory and skill that is PvP combat, despite not being very good at it.

He isn't very good at either PvP or PvE, and his attempts at both meet failure most of the time.

He is famous in that he tries to raid Horde cities to limited success, some of his fails have been documented on Youtube by ForLidi.
Magicevan: IT IS TIME to raid a Horde city. For The Alliance! Kill some horde and support our efforts to vanquish the Horde forever!

Magicevan:PvP > PvE y? in pve u do the saame ting over and over agen and in pvp u always hav 2 adapt

Magicevan: I'm bad? lol cmon duel me lets see whos bad now *proceeds to get owned* im not bad ur just overpowered
by Scoodles July 07, 2010
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