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Adult Video,
Japanese porno films
by Anonymous September 03, 2003
In Japan, Korea and China this word refers to any kind of adult video, including animated(which is not called hentai here in Japan).

AV means "adult video", but it does not stand for "adult video".
It just has that popular name.

AV has some distinct characteristics from any other porn. Anything you see in cartoon porn(known as hentai in the US) other than little girls and the physically impossible, is done in AV.

AV stars are known as AV Idols.
They are girls who start with innocent-type roles(ie schoolgirl is very popular here). Most of them get moved onto more hardcore things(ie S&M also popular here but only under the surface).

I have been in Japan for 2 months and bought some AV, which is how I know what I am saying.
AV is strange as hell, but somehow good.
by tanukisanyo May 09, 2005
audio visual
I got the projector out of the AV closet.
by bonnie May 10, 2003
a V
Someone who had not experienced anything in life, along the lines of alcohol, drugs, or any sexual behavior. Is often judgmental and nitpicky, although can often be kind and occasionally good-natured.
What a v, she just totally rambled on about safe-sex today.
#judge #virgins #rebel #goody-goody #goody two shoes #patty
by wisconsin09 April 30, 2009
Short for avatar, i.e. a computer representation of a person. Cannot be used as a short form for the movie "Avatar."
Lloyd: "Dude, stop making your av crouch over my av's corpse like he's taking a dump on it. That move's getting old."
Harry: "Sorry, not happening. Cleveland steamer comin' right up!"

Lloyd: "Hey man, have you seen 'Av' yet?"
Harry: "What the hell is 'Av'? 'Avenue Q'? Avril Lavigne? 'Alien vs. Predator'?"
Lloyd: "No, 'Avatar' obviously."
Harry: "Sorry dude, as an officer of the grammar police I'm going to have to cite you on that illegal abbreviation. You can pay me the $100 fine anytime."
Lloyd: "What? I don't owe you..."
Harry: (pulls out gun) "Break yo self, fool!"
#avatar #james cameron #frag #nuggets #gibs #break yo self
by Nicholas D September 09, 2011
The short hand abreivation used 2 describe someone as a virgin.
"so ur a v right?"
#virgin #virginity #sex #slang #abreiviation
by bobbo cm September 12, 2008
Of or relating to Anti Virus programs and the people who make them.

see also vx
Those AV guys hate all the VXers.
by Skifandan May 20, 2005
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