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Slang/street term used around the North West/Merseyside area of England to describe the drug M.D.M.A (3,4-Methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine; Extacy in its pure crystalline, powder form instead of a poor quality tablet).

Usually ingested orally either by bombing or dissolving in a drink (snortin' it burns!) it gives feelings of euphoria and empathy. Makes you wanna dance and appreciate music. Causes thirst and tightness in the jaw. Can make users very chatty if they can't release their energy by eg. dancing in a club.

Users might feel pretty pissed off, cold and weak the next day with a lack of appetite.
lad: u out on saturdee?
girl: yeah defo, I'm gettin a big bag of magic to get off me head.
lad: sound.
by MissKMH July 27, 2009

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