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pulling out of a girl during doggy style or anal sex and switching with a friend, then running around to the outside (ideally outside of the window in front of the girl) and waving at her. inspired by a donkey punch type mentality.

>willing friend with similar size penis
Carl: How's Stacy?

Chachee: Still not talking to me.

Carl: why?

Chachee: Well, she said she liked surprises. So... Tyler and I gave her the magic man.
by JRossi December 04, 2007
When out in the city, or any other social gather, one of your friends realizes they have reached the threshold of blacking out. Said friend will then somehow disappear from the bar/party/room without anyone noticing. You get a call in the morning from this friend asking you to come pick him up from the ex-girlfriend's house again.

Can let friend/wingmen know you are going to pull a magic man by waving hand in front of face, almost as saying, "Now you see me, now you don't."
"Yo, where's Matt?"
"Fucker pulled the magic man again."
by KP09 June 25, 2009
A man who controls magic. The nickname of a driver in Talledaga Nights. A person who is a master of illusion and can trick into see things that didn't really happen, just like weed.
Harry Potter is a magic man. He also cries like a bitch when he sees Voldemort.

Bob: Weed is magical. I get good ideas when I smoke it.
by Aeilspear March 01, 2008
Failure. Joke. Retard. Waste of Air.
Magicman got 2 credits in one full year of College
by johnclark October 25, 2007
a male who pops a boner when around females
look at that magicman go. he might need some tape to hide it
by Balla 37 March 21, 2007
Someone who is off the chain and copied it from the movie "ricky bobby" cause they couldn't come up w/ another nickname for their counter strike clan.
i cant even use magic man in an example.
by rickyh37 March 21, 2007

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