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A term used by law enforcement during the 80's and early 90's. It referred to striking a perp with their flashlight. The brand of flashlight used by the majority of law enforcement departments was the MAG-LITE. The model was a specific police issued variant of the, "MAG-LITE 5 cell D flashlight". Many officers found it quicker to retrieve the flashlight from their utility belt than the night stick because of how many of the utility belts were designed.

Besides the slang term that came about, the flashlight was also very effective for smashing out windows if the situation called for it. It also performed well as a flashlight....
Did you hear about the close call Deputy Big Mclargehuge had last night? A suspect produced a concealed knife he had on him and tried to stab Mclargehuge. Jumping out of the way Mclargehuge struck the suspect with his flashlight while repeating to STOP RESISTING Soon the suspect was in custody. Wow, Mclargehuge really is the best at mag-tag.
by JoesGLI August 18, 2016
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to tag a ferrous or metal surface with a vinyl piece of magnetic graffiti or art.
as in, "tag it with a magnet". Mag-taggers throw magnets onto metal surfaces. Let's go out to mag-tag tonight.
by MagnetDude February 03, 2010
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