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3 definitions by MagnetDude

A piece of Magnetic Art, created by hand on magnetic vinyl.
Put a Gauss in your house. That is a sweet piece of Gauss you've got there!
by MagnetDude February 03, 2010
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The hour of the week that Jack Bauer flex's his muscle and "24" is on the air!
I'll be over at Nick and Teri's for "Bauer Hour" tomorrow night!
or "Bauer Hour" rocked the other night!
by MagnetDude March 13, 2010
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to tag a ferrous or metal surface with a vinyl piece of magnetic graffiti or art.
as in, "tag it with a magnet". Mag-taggers throw magnets onto metal surfaces. Let's go out to mag-tag tonight.
by MagnetDude February 03, 2010
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