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Extraordinary skills when playing a musical instrument, particularly guitar or drums. Also used to describe extraordinary skills with software (e.g. "mad Illustrator chops"), programming or acting, or any other activity where someone demonstrates an extreme level of proficiency, rarely attained by mere mortals.
They are three local kids with mad chops, no fluff, and never a dull moment.

Jazz is full of cats with mad chops, so the question becomes, what have you got besides technical ecstasy?

Victor Wooten's got mad chops.
by mod50 June 21, 2009
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When something is messed up, unfair, lame, or bootleg.
(messed up)/(bootleg)
Jarell: Yo, that hooker stole my c-notes.
Jason: Damn son, that's mad chops.
Jarell: Yo, Tony cheated in cards last night.
Jason: Shit nigga, dats mad chops.
Jarell: Damn nigga 8 mile was off the hook.
Jason: Biotch dat shit was mad chops.
by Naked Josh 123 September 10, 2005
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