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A talented person who has mad music skills.

He is also incredibly hilarious.
"Look at that guy on the ukelele! He's totally a Jarell."
"Damn this kid has so many views on Youtube- what a Jarell."
by LePShi December 28, 2011
A sexy male, usually funny but also have anger problems
its not usually to for a person named this to have a huge cock and abs

BTW usually models
person 1: hey, have seen jarell?
Person 2: no, whose that?
Person 1 : (Point to jarell)
Person 2: Damn, hes fine
by Jasper sharp March 13, 2013
The epitome name of a black person. The de-facto name to be used upon any sighting of a black. The opposite, equal version of Shaneeqwa for black women.
"Holy shit is that Jarell in the car next to me?"

"Just don't make eye contact, he scares me too."
by racistfather April 16, 2010

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