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Macrobian: sing. n., v. Latin "Potens Sui", pl. Macrobs; the smartest, most well-educated ladies in Melbourne; found most commonly moaning about insufficient facilities at school and lording it over MHS'ers about their superior VCE average; found in high concentrations around Domain Tram Interchange, Flinders St Station, and Melbourne High School during joint rehearsals; commonly possessed with intermittent love and hate for their originating alma mater.

Usage: "Damn, what am I doing on the *Macrobian* Alumni Page?"
Antonyms: Melbourne High, Australian Grand Prix
Synonyms: Cherry Ripe, the other "Melbourne High", Asian parents dream school, largest toilet block in Victoria.
"omg don't be such a mac.robbian"
"you're such a typical macrob chick.."
by mghsgal August 02, 2008
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