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amalgam of man-jackpot.

1) a man who is the embodiment of a woman's dreams; a once-in-a-lifetime mate who exceeds all of a woman's expectations.
2) a man who is the exact opposite of a woman's dreams; in this context used as an ironic commentary. A far too common man who uses and underappreciates women.
1) For their first date, John brought Jane flowers, took her to a romantic fine dining restaurant, then went for a drive in the countryside in his Ferrari. Jane really hit the mackpot.

2) After drinking a half-case of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer and watching the tractor-pulls on TV all night, John stole $20 from Jane's purse, kicked her dog, and proceeded to call her the wrong name in bed. Jane really hit the mackpot.
by Aimee J. September 28, 2009
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