1) Lets compare macintosh to an airline:

All the stewards, captains, baggage handlers, and ticket agents look and act exactly the same. Every time you ask questions about details, you are gently but firmly told that you don't need to know, don't want to know, and everything will be done for you without your ever having to know, so just shut up.

2) Here are some comments on one of the entries speaking in defence of macs:

"You may have used Macs at some point in your lifetime, doesn't mean you know everything about them. Stop spreading BS."

I probably know more than you, even though I use Windows:

Most software that is developed for Macintosh (other than the {shitty} OS itself) is written using Microsoft Visual C++ Cross-Platform Development Edition. Guess what? VC++CPE runs on WINDOWS ONLY! In other words, macintosh is the WORST choice for programmers/developers such as myself. kthx

""Adobe abandoned them" Yes, that's why they still actively develop Mac apps. What a steel trap mind you've got!!"

They still develop Mac apps, true, but guess what they use to develop them? Microsoft Visual C++ Cross-platform Development edition! (see what I mentioned about VC++ above)

"" that cant run any good programs." Macs started the desktop publishing revolution, were the first computers to run Excel natively, were the first computers to run Photoshop natively ... the list goes on and on."

But can they run command-line tools like most other OS's like Windows, Linux, etc??????????? NO. Granted using a GUI (Graphical User Interface) program is easier but command-line programs tend to be faster, smaller, less runtimes, etc. And if you weren't a complete retard then you wouldnt have any problem whatsoever using a command-line tool/program.

"D. They aren't paperweights. I'm using a Mac right now damnit. Anyone with HALF A FUCKING BRAIN knows that Macs are useful. Your little Windows mags even use Macs in their art department. Mhm, that's right."
Hmm... you know what was probably used to develop the Macintosh painting thing or w/e its called? microsoft visual c++ cross-platform development edition. (See what I mentioned about that earlier in this entry.) Get that fact into your thick skull, k?
To sum it up,

Windows > Macintosh
All other OS's > Macintosh

A type of computer revered for it's all in one design but also cursed by this to people who want to upgrade components instead of just getting a new computer which would be faster in the long run. Many claim that the macintosh is lacking in hardware aspects, though one would hardly know the difference. Mac OS X is the ruler of all the operating systems, but is often complained about due to its lack of a mind boggling amount of applications. One should not that the macintosh has more completed feeling apps than the less completed feeling but still numerous Windows apps. Macs happen to have a game deficiency and thus are hated by many people who don't understand the concept of boot camp and Windows on a Mac. Once one switches to the Mac from the PC, almost none of them will ever switch back because they now see the truth.
Bill: Wow, that's a sleek computer Steve!
Steve: Yes Bill, it is.
Bill: Oh, it's a Macintosh, I hear they suck...
Steve: No they don't, wanna touch it?
Bill: SURE! This is pretty sweet Steve!
by Toasty Head August 29, 2007
a type of computer made by apple. macintosh generally refers to the old apples from the 80s, which were good, and the apples from the 90s, which were horrible. however, ever since Steve Jobs returned, macs became a lot better. they are probable superior to PCs in every way, except for maybe gaming, but u can always use boot camp for that. also, you can right click. most graphic artists, musicians, and cool people use them. like all computers they do crash, but less often than windows.
microhoo whos never used a new macintosh: ooooo... macs suck you cant play games of right click... they suck sooooo bad

someone who has used a modern mac: shut up (shoes thm my post)
by john tuttle May 25, 2008
A family of desktop and laptop computers from Apple, introduced in 1984. It was the first computer to popularize the graphical user interface (GUI). The combination of Mac hardware and software has been exceptionally consistent over the years, providing an ease of use that Mac users have enjoyed. With a Windows emulator such as Virtual PC, Macs can also run Windows and DOS applications.
Mac User: "Don't you just love it when things just work?!"
PC User: "Really?! Is that possible?"
Mac User: "Oh. Sorry, I forgot you use Windows."

Never ask a man what kind of computer he uses:
If he uses a macintosh, he will tell you.
If he usea a PC, why embarrass him?
by Stephen Rose November 04, 2005
A computer some people seem to think sucks and is "overpriced" when building a PC with the specifications of a Mac Pro is EXACTLY the same price! Actually a little less! It is because they don't understand because of it's previous failures from OS9 to Panther. But now it is known as the most advanced operating system in the world due to it's ability to surpass almost any PC on the market in benchmarks. That TAKES SKILL M$ you can't even make an OS capable of running well on your own platform! Reasons any Mac hater is wrong:
1. Macs are no where near overpriced, go build a computer with equal specs and make sure you don't skimp on the quality of your parts you will see the Mac Pro is under-priced! FB-DIMMS are expensive as are 2 friggin Xeons!! THAT'S 8 CORES so don't complain ONLY 2 GIGS!!?!? FOR $2799!!!??! you want overpriced? Go see how fucking expensive Windows 7 is going to be and how many versions there are going to be with almost nothing added between 100s of dollars.
2. It can edit videos, pictures, and audio better than any PC on the market can hence almost everything you do related to media was done on a Mac those retarded "I'm a PC" ads DONE ON A MAC!! FAILURE M$
3. They run fast for life because they don't open every goddamn application at once upon start-up and there are almost no viruses out there for them.
4. They can run every OS on the planet efficiently and sexily.
5. The one thing I will admit is they suck for gaming...but that is all they suck at.
6. It doesn't crash when you insert a flash drive or play a video.
AND PLEASE DON'T THUMBS DOWN ME BECAUSE YOU LIKE WINDOWS BETTER. I do not hate Windows by any means I just think OS X is better...
Dude I just built myself an 8 core PC instead of a Macintosh!!

Really how much did it cost?


by Alucard Hellsing February 16, 2009
A computer sold by Apple. Sometimes shortened to mac. Use the Mac OSX operating system. Macintoshes are used by mostly students, designers, artists, and similar professions. Beaten down by PC (Windows) audience for not being good for gaming. That's why they aren't designed for gaming. Otherwise Macs perform as well as computers with the same specifcations as them.
Normal Macintosh User: I own a mac and I don't play many games on it. If I wanted to play games, I would buy a PC.
by jjsixty6 April 02, 2007
A very stable, UNIX based computer that "PC Users" feel they have to hate. Any PC user should thank Apple because without Apple you would 1) Have no mouse. 2) Have no graphical user interface (GUI). 3) No Windows "Vista," because the OS is basically a copy of many of the features that Mac users have had for years.

Seriously guys, DaimlerBenz invented the automobile, Starbucks re-invented coffee as we know it, and Apple invented the personal computer. The first is always the best at everything.
PC User: Did you guys see the new Windows Vista preview?! It's sweet with the gadgets and live preview on the taskbar!!
Mac User: I've had those features for a while man...
PC User: Wow you must be l33t did you download a pirated copy of the developers release!!?!?!
Mac User: Uh no, I use a Macintosh.
by Matthew Gill February 08, 2006
if you edit skate videos and make music
Like, This one Guy says - Shit, this is my jam! Who made this tight ass beat!

And like, the guy that one guy is talking to, is all like - i did. on my macintosh
by im that guy November 05, 2006
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