1) Lets compare macintosh to an airline:

All the stewards, captains, baggage handlers, and ticket agents look and act exactly the same. Every time you ask questions about details, you are gently but firmly told that you don't need to know, don't want to know, and everything will be done for you without your ever having to know, so just shut up.

2) Here are some comments on one of the entries speaking in defence of macs:

"You may have used Macs at some point in your lifetime, doesn't mean you know everything about them. Stop spreading BS."

I probably know more than you, even though I use Windows:

Most software that is developed for Macintosh (other than the {shitty} OS itself) is written using Microsoft Visual C++ Cross-Platform Development Edition. Guess what? VC++CPE runs on WINDOWS ONLY! In other words, macintosh is the WORST choice for programmers/developers such as myself. kthx

""Adobe abandoned them" Yes, that's why they still actively develop Mac apps. What a steel trap mind you've got!!"

They still develop Mac apps, true, but guess what they use to develop them? Microsoft Visual C++ Cross-platform Development edition! (see what I mentioned about VC++ above)

"" that cant run any good programs." Macs started the desktop publishing revolution, were the first computers to run Excel natively, were the first computers to run Photoshop natively ... the list goes on and on."

But can they run command-line tools like most other OS's like Windows, Linux, etc??????????? NO. Granted using a GUI (Graphical User Interface) program is easier but command-line programs tend to be faster, smaller, less runtimes, etc. And if you weren't a complete retard then you wouldnt have any problem whatsoever using a command-line tool/program.

"D. They aren't paperweights. I'm using a Mac right now damnit. Anyone with HALF A FUCKING BRAIN knows that Macs are useful. Your little Windows mags even use Macs in their art department. Mhm, that's right."
Hmm... you know what was probably used to develop the Macintosh painting thing or w/e its called? microsoft visual c++ cross-platform development edition. (See what I mentioned about that earlier in this entry.) Get that fact into your thick skull, k?
To sum it up,

Windows > Macintosh
All other OS's > Macintosh

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more like macintrash!
kid 1:hey i bought a computer!
kid 2:lets go check it out!
kid 2:lets play grand theft auto!
kid 1:uhmmmm....
kid 2:ohh. its a macintrash!
............moral of the story is: macintosh is gay!
#mac #trash #apple #kid #gta
by jc1414 September 22, 2007
Computers made for the math is hard crowd who get scared at the mention of words like partition and interrupt.
All the computers in the lab are PCs.
by Macs Are Toys May 25, 2005
Apple copied Microsoft? Window's "Gadgets" seems eerily similar to OS X's "Widgets". The triangles that collapse folders in Visa is copied from OS X. They copied "Spotlight" in Vista. For all you gamers bashing OS X because there aren't any games, I agree. If you want to game, don't get a Mac. This is coming from an Apple lover. Apple is trying to appeal to businessmen and companies. Never going to happen. But how come when you can easily get a Windows computer with better specs. than a Mac for less, most graphic designers and video editors choose Mac? There must be a reason. Is it the programs? The stable OS? Who knows.

The animators from South Park have stated their reason for switching to Macs. Crashing. I have had many PC's and NONE HAVE CRASHED ON ME! But theirs have, due to their heavy use.

You have anti-virus, great for you. But your anti-virus takes up time, system resources, and money, and even with anti-virus, look at viruses like Conficker. It infected governments and hospitals! Now Microsoft is including anti-virus. Why do they keep wasting time patching the OS? Why don't they just start over and build it from a secure base?

If you don't like Macs, don't buy them. All of your reviews are 100% biased. I am an Apple fan, but let me clarify this.


However, they do not crash. They do not break any more than other companies' computers. If you don't like them, don't buy them. But stop writing biased reviews on the web, and enjoy your PC. And I don't mean that sarcastically. If it works for you, good for you.
Windows User: Dude, I can't play my games on your Mac- it sucks!

Apple User: I know I can't. It's not supposed to.

Windows User: Oh, ok then.

Apple User: Yep.

That is how it should be. No need to fight. Macintosh's can't play games. We know.
#macintosh #apple #mac #osx #leopard
by SkateMusicLife64 June 23, 2009
1. A line of personal computers designed, marketed, manufactured and devolped by Apple Computers. It was the first operating system to feature a GUI (Graphical User Interface). Introduced in 2001, Mac OS X was based on Unix and was a more secure sucessor to the older Mac OS 9. Mac OS X is directly derived from NeXTSTEP, the operating system developed by Steve Jobs’ company NeXT before Apple bought it.

The Macintosh line has been responsible for many innovations which have had signifigant impact on modern computing, including the indroduction of the GUI as mentioned above. Other innovations include the introduction of standard audio in/out ports, the abandonment of the floppy disk drive, and the support of multiple monitors. Macintosh has also greatly contributed to the field of portable computers, being the first to introduce the touchpad, which ahs now become an industry standard.

The Macintosh differs noticably from other personal computers, especially those running Windows operating systems. All macintosh hardware and bundled software are assembled by Apple, whereas Microsoft supplies their software to third-party producers such as Dell, who make the hardware using a much wider range of components. The fact that the Mac OS is a less common operating system means that there is less third party software available for it, although suitable applications, such as Microsoft Office, are available in most areas. The design of the Macintosh operating system has contributed to the near-absence of the types of malware and spyware that plague Microsoft Windows users. However, recent security issues have made headlines, including a alleged severe hole in the Safari Browser and a "slew of malicious code" including the “Leap” & “Inqtana” worms to infiltrate the system. This has led some industry analysts and anti-virus companies to issue warnings that Apple's OS X is not immune to viruses. While no operating system is completely secure, there is no extant malware for Mac OS X -merely "proof-of-concept" code.

Many computer-users prefer Macintosh because of its user friendliness and integrated software, which gives it an ease of use that appeals to more casual computer users. Apple's minimalist design principles often appeal to the aesthetic, and many choose to buy a macintosh in part because of this. The Macintosh is also used widely in the field of graphic and video editing.

Detractors cite the non-upgradability of most macs, as well as the inability of a user to customise the Operating System through direct contact with the code, due to the lack of a command-line interface. Many criticisms of the macintosh focus on its inappropriatness for gaming purposes. Though the recent release of "Boot Camp" allows the Windows OS to be run on mac hardware, thus allowing the running of many previously unavailable games, macintoshes are certainly not optimised for maximum computer gaming performance.

2. (Also known as "Makintosh", and nicknamed "Mac") A type of waterproof raincoat, sold first in 1824 and made from rubberized fabric. The Makintosh was named after its inventor, Charles Macintosh. The name Macintosh has since become a generic term, but a geniune Makintosh coat is distinguished by being made from made from rubberised or rubber laminated material.

3. A type of apple (known specifically as the "McIntosh Red") with red and green skin and a tart flavor.
1. "I just bought a macintosh computer."

2. "That McIntosh apple was damn yummy"

3. "It rained today, but I was wearing my Makintosh, so I didn't get wet."

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by MostlyGhostly January 02, 2007
The best computer ever. Macs are much more secure than PCs and much less bloated than PCs. Unlike Windows computers, they actually come with decent software like iTunes and iLife. The Mac operating has a sleek, minimalist look and a consistent interface.
Mac Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, Macbook Air, Macbook, Macbook Pro, Mac OS X, macintosh
#mac #computer #apple #mac os x #leopard
by stevejobbs April 07, 2009
Macintosh is the best type of computer available. It's often frowned upon by snooty PC enthusiasts who deem it useless and/or incapable of updating; however, it is now very easily updated. Also, Macs can run Windows, OS X, and Linux operating systems all at once! So there's no point in arguing that they can't use much software because they can run Windows applications. Also, they're faster, better in design, and simply more effective than your typical - or even your brand-new - PC.
The laptops are also stronger and have a much longer battery life.
Dude: Hey, I got this new PC and it's really cool! Glad I don't have a shitty Mac, cuz they have no programs.
Chick: Get out of the stone age, Macs have tons of programs and they're more efficient than any fuckin' PC. Get a Macintosh.
Dude: Stupid bitch! -shot-
#mac #imac #apple #steve jobs #best thing ever
by boil ur head July 10, 2008
A computer that is great for people who don't want to do gaming and can run a special version of Microsoft office. Most people complain that the mac can't do games. This is true. However, Macs are not intended to be used for games. They are actually great for things like film making, graphic design, and other applications. However, it is not useful to the general public.
My Macintosh is great, but most people wouldn't like it, because it can't play "Doom"
#superior #final cut pro #g5 #g4 #g3
by Fizzler December 20, 2006
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