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Derived from jacking off
When mac users brag about how having a mac is so much better than having a pc. They may boast less viruses, reliability, and how macs are for the regular guy while pc's are for the computer nerd.
person 1: dude I can't believe how much Mr. X and Mr. Y were maccing off back there, they don't even realize how much macs rape you, they're such tools sometimes.
person 2: I know I didn't want to say anything they were so passionate, you could get something just as good or better for half the cost of a mac, the only reason why you get less viruses is because having a mac limits your access to many services PC's allow you to use. In a sense yeah it does mean less viruses but your cutting your capabilities and risking yourself a higher crash rate.
person 1: oh well, let it go man, look at it this way while you're using your torrents they are using Itunes.
person 2: good point, thanks for the reassurance
by arandomguy May 05, 2008
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