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vodka brand prepared in FRANCE ,made from grapes,five times distilled. the brand is promoted by renown artist P DIDDY ;)
jim- u looking screwed man.
jones-yeah mah i had that CIROC wid lime last nite
by ADYAKA January 02, 2010
a person junior to u ,not at the same rank as u are.(derogatory)
i won't summon him homie, he is a plebe to me.
by ADYAKA January 27, 2010
means blood, in spanish.can aslo used for family/kindred.
jim-better don't touch him nigga, he is ma sangre .
by ADYAKA January 08, 2010
man or boy who is amateur,but pretend to be mature.No or less experienced.
jim-what? u want me to work with that gooble,no way dude.
by ADYAKA February 07, 2010
Box that can put life even in corpse.A portable audio system, consisting of radio,cassette or sometimes CD player,with speakers that are capable of making stunning sound.U can carry and rock everyone who pass by ;)
jim- we wanna holla, what we should do?
jones- just bring a BOOMBOX and gyrate.
by ADYAKA April 25, 2010
when u have something to b proud of.Like apple mac. products.
Working on apple iphone,laptops and deride others.
jim- dear tell me some means to belittle others .
jones- pretty simple just MAC OFF
by ADYAKA April 19, 2010
sadness at itz maximum :(.worse den any oder thing
jim- u r outta rap battle .
by ADYAKA December 02, 2009

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