Is a Smelly Scouse who likes the ass!
Your Such a macca
by jiggly October 17, 2003
The Homo who denies all knowledge of bumsex with panhead
"no i did not have gay ass sex for hours with panhead!!!"
by Delve July 21, 2003
A man who tends to attract quiche eating, fanta drinking, facial loving foreign men. Could also be desribed as a Fanta Boy.
Is there a Macca around? I need a facial...
by Anonymous May 16, 2003
A person of asian decent
Look at that silly macca
by BRIDGET MARSHALL December 06, 2004
a place where you go to get fat and sing some Delta Goodrem songs with your grandmother!
by Anonymous September 19, 2003
something that you do not want to be.
that mofo is maccas
by jarrrroddddddd September 02, 2008
a slang term for mcdonalds, a popular restraunt for fat chicks and children often they employment choices are mac stooges who also love 12 inche peniss.
Lets go to maccas, im not fat enough
by bEATLe_PauL June 01, 2005

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