An SAR (Semi-Autonomous Region) of China. Island west of Hong Kong Portugese colony from the 1500s up until 1999. Gambling hot-spot of China, due to a loosely-regulated free market economy. Where 007 meets Silva's damsel and fights off her bodyguards (one of them gets eaten by a Kimodo dragon) in Skyfall.
Though Macau and Hong Kong are owned by China, they retain strong regional pride.
by Gaijin-san January 09, 2013
Macau SAR of China was a Portugese colony from the 16th century to 1999. It is one of the most open economies in the World according to the IMF.Also known as Las Vegas of the East.
Catch a boat from HongKong and you will be in Macau in two hours.
by zinger January 24, 2005
Southern U.S. Accent Pronounciation: macau. Standard American English: My cow.
Macau et ma carn (My cow ate my corn)
Billy Bob, did ya still macau? (William Robert, did you steal my cow?)
by DB Gibb March 09, 2006

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