Macaroni and cheese is a synonym for sexual intercouse.
Defined and made popular in the late 2006's by Eric G.
Here we have a brief conversation using the term correctly.

Eric: i think im pregnant.
Holley: oh you know
Eric: is it yours?
Holley: it better be
Eric: you're the only one i've made macaroni and cheese with lately.
Holley: we'll see. if the childs black ill know something has been going on
by Eric Grimes October 06, 2006
Top Definition
The best damn thing since sliced bread.
I ate some macaroni and cheese today!
by Disillusioned Hippie September 24, 2005
Asian girls who love black men, sometimes to the point of irrationality. "Macaroni" from the well worn theory that all blacks are macks and "Cheese" from the softness of asian female skin.
Gong Li is straight up macaroni and cheese. She listens to alot of Ruben Studdard.
by major_delmac March 01, 2005

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