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Descriptor of poor quality performance derived from the popular 70's gameshow 'The Gong Show' where amateur acts which were deemed unworthy were 'gonged' and the performers would leave the stage in a funk of disappointment & shattered dreams.

A 1970's version of 'being voted off the island'
John: Man, that movie sucked! The acting was pathetic at best!
Fred: That shit should have been gonged!
by T. Walsh / Ronan XVII January 06, 2005
Refers to Glass-On-Glass, or GonG. Standard water pipes (bongs) use a glass slide and a rubber stopper to seal off the chamber, but GonG is a more advanced system that involves precision laser glass cutting so the GonG pieces fit perfectly together, creating a more efficient means of smoking. GonG is also a way to "add on" to your bong, including ashcatchers, filters, diffusers, pretty much anything that is compatible. The most common sizes for GonG accessories are 14.4mm and 18.8mm(referring to the width of the glass opening). Glass-on-Glass bongs hit harder and smoother than conventional bongs.
Yesterday I bought a new GonG style bong from a local headshop, along with an ashcatcher and upgraded diffuser downstem.
#glass-on-glass #bong #marijuana #pot #smoke
by i <3 marijuana August 11, 2008
to have loud sex with
Max- Dude, I totally gonged Sam last night with my greg.
Patrick- That's fuckin' gay Max.
#bang #fuck #havesexwith #greg #mom
by BazookaGod May 14, 2010
Just had sex. In reference to the sex gongs Turk and JD had purchased(Scrubs).
Room-mate 1: "Gong!"
Room-mate 2: "Oh yeah, who was it?"
#gong #sex #scrubs #sex gong #laid
by MSOEIceman July 05, 2011
To hit your partner with the side of your penis, with a fast, strong motion. Can be used on vaginas or asses.
Steve: I gonged your girlfriend last night
Greg: Not cool dude.
#gong #good #guy #greg #scumbag #steve
by trolface6699 March 20, 2012
v-t. To hit a girl's head off the headboard during sex.
I had to buy a new headboard because Sally gonged her head so hard on it.
#headboard #head #board #doggy style #bed
by Pwah June 19, 2010
A person that you bang (preferably quite hard) exactly one time No more. No less. Just once. The term also implies there is no intention or desire for another encounter.
James: Who was that girl you were with last night?

Steve: Doesn't matter, she was just a gong.
#one night stand #hook up #bang #fuck #screw
by jerryjeryyjerryjerry December 23, 2014
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