A male prostitute.
As Mac Dre once said in a song, "Every bitch I dicked down, had to kick down...So I flipped the script and stopped fuckin' for free."
by urbkan dicctionary May 21, 2007
M ost
A pplicable
C omputer
Mac has a lot of sweet apps that pcs can't get
by mac loverman September 20, 2008
An outstanding OS developed by Apple. I think people need to learn more about computers before they talk badly about both the Mac and Windows.

Windows is a great OS. I have used it for 10 yrs and I have only had it crash twice (one computer ran 98, one XP). And it wasn't a problem because I had backups of everything. Most people's problems with Windows arise because they don't know how to secure their comps. If people installed anti-malware apps, and set their user accounts to "user" privliges (w/ 1 admin acct) then they would be all set.

Yes, the Macs have less apps written for them. But the ones that are written for them are sometimes superior to Windows apps. System processes in Macs use less resources than Windows machines and they never crash (at least X doesn't).

I have been a Windows user all my life, and I think it is a good OS. I just bought a Mac, and I love it.

Macs are the way to go.
Windows = gaudy GUI and is too user friendly in some areas and not user friendly enough in others.

Mac = Outstanding GUI, great performance (on Intel chips), and the right userfriendlyness in the right areas.

Power user/IT admin = WIN

Avg user = MAC
by HTML + Flash = cool April 30, 2006
The Man is a Cunt. Man's a Cunt.
You're a fucking Mac
by FaceAche November 05, 2006
A computer that can be compared to wanking with your left hand... You can get the job done, but it does take longer than expected, and doesn't feel as satisfying at the end.
Holy crap - everything you do on this Mac can be done on a PC. You cant do 3-D work. And even though it looks smooth, on closer inspection this is badly designed... I thought this was the wireless generation, look at the number of cords! And it seems strange but they are going to be using an intel chip from a PC..... Ha.....
by L.M.B//REP March 22, 2006
Used as a slang term for something being at the top of its class. Some people have even used it in reference to themselves. The term partly derived from the Apple "Get a Mac" Ads. The antonym to this word is 'PC'.

1."I'm a Mac."

2. "That Benz is a Mac."

3. "Dude that song is soo Mac!"
by Solomon G June 01, 2007
v. To fail series of assignments, includings tests, quizzes and labs because of a wanton disregard for studying with the replacement of watching T.V. or chatting online.

n. (Mac-ism) A lifestyle which dictates that tests, quizzes and lab reports do not matter and therefore Television and Computers take precedence over it.
"Hey Brick, you study for the Chem test?"

"Nah son, I was maccin' it last night."

"But dude it's worth like...20% of your semester grade!"

"Yeah well....Queer Eye was on, I can't be missin' that shit."
by Chuck C September 26, 2005

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