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when u have something to b proud of.Like apple mac. products.
Working on apple iphone,laptops and deride others.
jim- dear tell me some means to belittle others .
jones- pretty simple just MAC OFF
by ADYAKA April 19, 2010
Yorkshire slang meaning massive or large.
"I had this proper mac off sandwich!"
by choly7 February 09, 2012
When nerds hang out with their trendy Apple products. What little communication that goes on, if any, is via iChat or iPhone, etc.
Omar was going to Barnes and Noble with his MacBook Pro to Mac off.
by SteveJobs1234 December 04, 2007
To use an Apple computer, usually for gaming or internet browsing.
Dude, lets go mac off instead of doing homework.
by GLowe September 30, 2008
When someone says theyre gona get theyre 'mac on' but fail miserably!
'Daves gona get his MAC ON!!!'

the next day....

'u get ur mac on Dave?' 'nah..' 'hah MAC OFF!'
by Alex Moro July 02, 2004
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