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This Girl is Fucken DOPE AS FUCK! She has a good heart, and falls for the wrong guys FUCKEN FAST!!! She likes Manhwores with big dicks, named "MATT" Becasue IDk look under Matt and you'll see why! Shes a cute ass white girl, and She dyes her hair faster then i go threw hoes... Hahaha Just Jokes! But really tho she Falls quick, and shes white! And she fucken Cute! And she is a princess! Niggas fight for her till the death!

and her mom is a MILF!!!
Boy 1"Aye cheye is mines"
Boy 2" naw nigga shes mine"
Boy 3*pulls out a gun* "Naw niggas shes mines"
boy 3 *Shoots those niggas boom boom*
by ThisKidIsDope!!! January 06, 2012

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