N: a 12 gauge shotgun created by HK (Heckler and Koch), based off the M1 shotgun with the added ability to be set to full auto, in pump it can fire all standard ammunition as well as gas grenades flares and non lethal ammunition.
It can hold 7 shells at a time; Its over all length is 41 inchs (1,041.4 mm) with stock unfolded and 31 inchs (787.4 mm) with it folded in, It is 2.25 (57.15 mm) inchs wide and 7.25(184.15 mm) inchs tall. the barrel length its 19.75(501.65 mm) inchs, and it wieghs 7.6 pounds(3.45 kg) when empty (no ammo).
by Billy November 05, 2003
In north America:

E30 M3 (quite possibly the best sports car ever made)

- 2.3L 192 hp Inline 4 S14B23

E36 M3
1995 - 3.0L 240 hp Inline 6 S50B30
1996+- 3.2L 240 hp Inline 6 S52B32 (the 3.2L saw an eleven ft/lbs increase.)

"Best-Handling Car Ever – at any Price" - Car and Driver (`97)

E46 M3

- 3.2L 333 hp Inline 6 S54B32

E90/2/3 M3

- 4.0L 414 hp V8 S65B40

No factory M3 to this date has been powered by a V6 engine. If you do not know the difference between an inline and a "V" configuration, I suggest you educate yourself a little more before writing a definition.

All M3 (to current date) came stock with naturally aspirated engines. This means they do not need the boost of Forced Induction (see: Mercedes) to make massive power from small displacement.
Despite the RS4 having a larger engine, producing more power, the E46 M3 is quicker around the track.

E92 M3 beat C63 AMG and RS4 around the track.
by E30Dream January 22, 2009
I really attractive boy
as defined by teen vogue.
That kid is so cute, such an M3
by MVPECK March 02, 2011
A person with a strong passionate love for the video game series Call of Duty. he will most likely define himself as a gamer but his true nature lies with the gramers. In cases of critique against the M3's most beloved franchise, they will become very defensive and activate their most fearsome power, the ability to talk in caps lock
Random: - The new Call of Duty game doesn't look all the good.

by LordCarnage July 10, 2010
any 3 series chassis with superpowered v6 or inline six cylinder engines that have as much ft lb of torque per hp that rival the porsche 911 and 933 targa. no mods necessary just buy and drive. the above claim that all m3's are e30 chassis is incorrect as BMW still makes m3's today, and the model number changes with each generation of developments. to have a more thorough driving experience, the m5 or even for the rich folks, the m6 is a rocket
on autoscout24.de u can find tons of m3's
by derty derk July 26, 2006
A german car made by BMW. It isn't slow, but i wouldn't call it fast. It is not faster than the 05 Clk55 Amg and im not sure about the jaguar. Also, the guy who said the M3's 0-60 is 5.9 is completely wrong. For the convertible it is 5.1, and the coupe is 4.8. It is an extremely comfortable ride, (we have one) and features the ever popular SMG gearbox.
That M3 just smoked a Evolution 8!!!
by lilm3boi October 23, 2004
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