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a reference to wind energy. The term refers to the fact that wind energy isn't as "big" as oil or coal - for example - and hasn't "sold-out" yet. Therefore, the energy can be described as indie, and when one combines the words "indie" and "windy" the result is "windie."
That's so windie.
by The Yacht Buyer April 18, 2010
much like wemo, and often a progression from wemo. wannabe indie. generally people who live by their weekly bible NME. they will like whatever is in-between these pages no matter how crap it is.
i have an urge to go from loving my chemical romance to hating them! i also now like stuff that nme pretends are good like pigeon detectives and the enemy. i'm not windie, honest.
by hapapapatlpy. January 06, 2008
hot, gorgeous, extremely good-looking
"That guy is oh, so windie."
by Daisy D. November 22, 2007
Window, in a Northern Irish accent.
I'm gonna put yur windies th'oo!
by All High Homosexual October 21, 2007
wanna be indie
look at that guy, he's wearing skinny leg jeans and a shirt with the top button done up, and he's riding a fixie bike- what a windie!
by soo windie March 26, 2011
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