Going out and getting blackout drunk on a week day to the point where you are still drunk in the morning and still go to work by a reasonable time. Usually involves going to a gay bar with strong drinks or a house party where drinks are mixed for you.
I am totally lynching this morning. I went out, got wasted last night and now it's 9am and I'm still drunk.

How the hell am I at work right now? I'm lynching right now and need to get some greasy food at lunch so i can get rid of this hangover.

I think I'll be lynching in the morning. Yay for lost productivity from drinking the night before!

Lynching this morning? Because last night you were wasted and now you're headed off to work....another red bull and vitamin water?
by hotmessexpress April 28, 2011
A fun community event that brings people together. Families can gather around the hanging and have picnics. It is also a good time to teach children racial values. It's greatest event to go to, unless you're black.
Are you coming to the annual lynching picnic?
by Lynching director February 26, 2015
to take or to steal an object that is not yours.
"I made lynchings on that assholes money!"
"I lynched those sweet fishing poles from Wal-Mart"
"I lynched that bitch's man!"
by lempiate June 28, 2007
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