Top Definition
1. Cute girl
2. annoying girl
3. Irresistable
1 - "eh look at that LYNA!"
2 - "man that bitch is one LYNA"
3 - "your are one lyna girl"
by BAWOO August 03, 2004
hot, popular , beautiful girl every guy in the school wants. sweet, sexy and pretends to hate guys even though she secretly likes them. Admit you like her first, or she'll be taken.
guy 1- woah, that girl is so hot
guy 2- i know, she's lyna,my girlfriend now, asked her out this morning
guy 1- damn, was gonna do it now
by ladybird888 July 07, 2011
Complicating, mean/r00d and demanding at times. Short and skinny. and is also known as "slut", "whore", "skank", "hooker" and "slutox" by her good friends.
Veena, You're such a LYNA!

That girl is such a LYNA.
by SweetNAMese February 10, 2005

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