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happy go lucky, fun loving, always willing to take a chance in life and love. You are well loved by family and friends and a good choice to inviet to parties cause you always make them fun
you are such a hot lyall sundae
by mimomi February 05, 2010
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A blonde short haired person who is energetic, alcoholic, short, cocky, sexy, and has abs.
Guy1: You see that blonde guy last night?
Guy2: Yeah man what about him?
Guy1: He is such a lyall man.
by Acro Molecular Pulsar Fiel. July 01, 2011
a person who sits on their ass all day and does absolutley nothing, also an alcoholic
GOD! Why are you being such a lyall?!?
by clams mcgavin October 19, 2007
a boy that looks like a fag or a girl
a female origin
omg, that kid looks like a lyall.
by hahalyall March 15, 2008

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