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look whos talking
A noob: "Your a noob!"
A pro: lwt haha!
by lol57 July 06, 2010
31 0
what one person writes in someone's yearbook.

stands for *Lots of Weed This Summer*
Dear Bob,

Hags and LWTS
by ithinkmenrcool May 02, 2005
47 20
Lead Without a Title, a philosophy by Robin Sharma, which encourages each person to claim the power of leadership regardless of their position.
I don't need to be the CEO to be successful, I chose to LWT.
by Dani_elle G September 28, 2010
2 13
London weeked television. Shown only in and around London on ITV.
LWT shows shitty programmes. BBC shows shitty programmes. Channel 4 has porn, channel 5 has a 1970's american drama series. Aren't I glad that I've got cable in my bedroom so I don't have to watch this shit ^___^
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 20, 2004
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