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the place where dreams come true and pot heads are born. Easy to break into and steal lamb chops, also all the kids that go there are dazed and confused so they turn to pot,which they get fromn Ridge high school.
Yo man i went to william annin middle school and now i am a total pot head YES!!!!!
by ithinkmenrcool May 04, 2005
what one person writes in someone's yearbook.

stands for *Lots of Weed This Summer*
Dear Bob,

Hags and LWTS
by ithinkmenrcool May 02, 2005
means drunk plus fucking.
Ryan and Taylor were frunking on the dancefloor all night long!
by ithinkmenrcool May 05, 2005
it means fucking plus drunk
ryan and taylor were frunking on the dance floor all night long......
by ithinkmenrcool May 05, 2005
area that is IN BASKING RIDGE..has the best parties, and is IN BASKING RIDGE..
Yes, the Hills is IN BASKING RIDGE
by ithinkmenrcool May 04, 2005
Basking Ridge basking ridge basking ridge basking ridge!!!!
I went to a Basking ridge party in the hills( the hills is not basking ridge) and they party favor was pot!
by ithinkmenrcool May 04, 2005

and they suck at sports!!!
dude, ridge is gonna cream IMMACULATA in all sports!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by ithinkmenrcool May 04, 2005

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