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To lust for someone and frustrated that you can't have them.
John has serious lustrations for Todd's wife.
by 326Cubed February 03, 2009
A state of insanity in a male caused by the extreme desire to vigorously make love to someone, but there is no one to vigorously make love to.
Man, that guy must have some serious lustration! He is just running around in public slapping his dick on everything he sees!
by Bananamanagram January 16, 2015
The state of being frustrated by a lustful intense sexual desire or appetite. Being unable to relieve the self ardent enthusiasm; zest; relish of or illicit lustful sexual desire or appetite.

The frustration borne of the intoxicating feeling one gets when around a member of the opposite sex one is attracted to and is in Lust for.

Beware: Can if not relieved lead to one becoming Lustarded.
Brendan's textual relations are leaving Katrina in a state of lustration. He should deal with this personally by walking the talk and inviting Craig 'out to lunch' before she becomes a Lustard.
by Craig with the tapping foot May 23, 2008
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