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a state of delerium and para-consciousness; beyond censsiant recognition of one's own self
Mr. Shree, you keep insisting that I spit on these women and defecated in their general direction, but I was so lurched out, I don't even remember it.
by L.ets R.aunchy C.unt H.ookerz November 12, 2002
4 21
A lurch describes a person who is socially inept. This can be with girls, guys, new people or all three. The degree of their lurcheyness is usually specified by an adjective with lurch commonly being the latter.

Examples of adding an adjective would be:

-Uber lurch
-Super lurch

The word lurch originates from the Adams family character Lurch. Lurch was known for looking like Frankenstein and also for making inarticulate moans as a way of talking.
-Look at the person over there sat quietly in the corner
-Haha what a lurch!
by solomonf August 11, 2009
4 3
act of eating bitches faces and lungs
yo the guy got life in prison for committing a lurch
by james posey41 January 29, 2009
12 11
To tell someone your lifes story or to talk to someone about any subject for long periods of time without their consent.
Ryan lurched Carl on his first day of work.
by MysticWolf118 March 02, 2012
0 0
pcp named after the rapper big lurch who smoked pcp and killed his girlfriend by eating her lungs.
Yo my boy lurched the blunt last night and lets just say i was WALKING REAL GOOD!
by renegade dope dealer May 04, 2010
3 3
An Albanian tea leaf, very expensive and unique to Albania.
Do we have and Lurch Tea?
by TheMonkey1369 November 19, 2009
2 2
a lyrical genius; king of the microphone;

having a captivating voice; making panties wet from speaking

a full time grinder; a real mother fucker
That emcee goes hard but he's no Lurch
by unclebukk April 22, 2011
1 2
To dance, badly. Typically applied to males, but can be applied to females in certain instances.
Bubba is a great lurcher! or Lets go search & lurch!
by Rxer November 12, 2010
0 1