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Just the local Hindi word for a penis.Can also be used to denote a totally despised person
George Bush is a lund
by Bingo November 04, 2003
Lund.. a big penis. A dick, ya know
Holy crap! Did you see Ateeq's lund! It's enormous.
by Teresa D. May 18, 2006
In Indian Hindi word penis is spoken as land or pronounced as lund. Mostly Indian Gujarati word for Penis is lund.
Darling aaj tumhare lund ne mujhe bahoot maza karaya.
by V Shah August 04, 2007
Lund (lʌnd) n.
1. a city in SW Sweden, just north-east of Malmö; population 107,351 (2008). Its university was founded in 1666.
2. a common term for a person of low general intelligence, a person notably stupid or lacking in judgement;
3. a person who lacks the capacity to develop beyond the mental age of a nine-year-old;
4. an overly annoying and abrasive individual; one who exhibits an irritating quality akin to having a wart on one's cock
"Did you hear about John?"
"He's in the hospital - tried to iron a shirt while he was wearing it"
"He's such a lund!"

"You've given it to that lund to do? You've more chance of getting a blow job from the pope"

"Have you been eating cripple biscuits? Christ, you're such a lund"
by Aromatic Plums July 26, 2011
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