a stupid or an idiot person can also be called 'dick head'.
You dick (lund)
by Brian August 09, 2003
Translation of the word "penis" in Urdu.
Salman loves lund; he sure does lust after that penis.
by BrownBooty April 20, 2011
Also means sweater, usually of mixed material.
Is that a new lund?

Yeah, it's 50% cotton.
by Huh What March 21, 2008
Verb: The act of desecrating one's car, truck, or automobile by the following means:

Step 1: Remove rear seat.

Step 2: shit under back seat.

Step 3: take some of the shit and smear it on the windshield.

Step 4: urinate in the windshield wiper fluid reservoir.

Step 5: replace back seat and lock car shut.
"Dude we went out last night and pulled a lund on the douche!"
by the lund master May 02, 2009
A city in southeastern Sweden. Also the birthplace of Sena Lund. The place got its name from the little blunder.
Hometown of Sena Lund
by ff December 16, 2003
1.Grocery store frequented by asshole jews, whom believe they own the store, high numbers of homosexuals, retards, general assholes, drunks, niggers from across the river, freaks, nasty bitchy old women who try constantly to get the clerks to fuck them, and milfs and hot chicks but thats not to say in the volume of the others.
2. Hell on earth for the workers.
3. Place for retards, and others whom cant get a job anywhere else. Slutty nasty fat and ugly chicks only allowed to work here as required by company regulations.
Just visit the store.
by TresLunds April 21, 2005
Limp Unused Noodely Dick. Bam.
Bertha broke up with her boyfriend because he had a major LUND.
by Juan "Dirty Sanchez" Ramirez August 01, 2006
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