Also means sweater, usually of mixed material.
Is that a new lund?

Yeah, it's 50% cotton.
by Huh What March 21, 2008
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1.Grocery store frequented by asshole jews, whom believe they own the store, high numbers of homosexuals, retards, general assholes, drunks, niggers from across the river, freaks, nasty bitchy old women who try constantly to get the clerks to fuck them, and milfs and hot chicks but thats not to say in the volume of the others.
2. Hell on earth for the workers.
3. Place for retards, and others whom cant get a job anywhere else. Slutty nasty fat and ugly chicks only allowed to work here as required by company regulations.
by TresLunds April 21, 2005
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east indian way of saying balls, as in your testicles.
my lund is itchy.
my lund is in the whores mouth.
my lund is hairy.
by jasvinder March 10, 2008
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